What are Wetlands?

Classifying Wetlands

Why are Wetlands Important?

Types of Wetlands: Salt Water

Types of Wetlands: Fresh Water

Plant Adaptations to Wetlands

Animal Adaptations to Wetlands

Wetlands in Danger!

What You Can Do...

Most people are familliar with Wetlands in some shape or form - as their local trout stream, or the frog pond in the park. These are just a few of the many types of wetlands that are found all around the world. Wetlands can be as large as the Chesapeake Bay, or as small as a pond. Large or small, wetlands are always a good source of food, shelter and other resources for animals and plants alike. Often wetlands are the only source of precious resources for endangered and/or endemic species.
Wetlands provide humans with many resources: clean water, food, flood control, recreation, and industy, to name a few.

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